Pier 94, New York City

Exhibitor Parking Information

Pay careful attention to the following details:



· Move vehicle to Pier 90 & 92 ROOF ($30) or use FREE street parking, immediately after unloading BEFORE setting up ANYTHING in your booth.

· Make arrangements for weekend parking (Pier 90 ROOF) BEFORE 3 PM (No in and out). Trucks up to 20’ length may park on the roof. Larger trucks should use FREE street parking or see Show Management for assistance.



·OFF SITE at the 57th Street Garage. If car or small minivan – try Worthy Parking at 55th & 10th

·OFF SITE STREET or metered parking (check signs) or roof of Pier 90 only. Pier 92 roof is for your customers. Do not park on the roof of Pier 92.



·Same as above. Do not park on the roof of Pier 92.


(You do not need to feed meters on Sunday anywhere in NYC). Always check parking signs.


In order to keep your customers coming to the Show and happy, ALL PIER 92 roof spaces are needed for your customers. They do not understand when parking is limited. Each roof space turns over three times as day when used by a customer but when a dealer parks on the roof, that space is full all day and three customers are sent away. Many customers leave if parking is full or arrive very annoyed. Let’s leave all the Pier 92 roof space for the customers and get them in the door happy and buying. Don’t bring extra vehicles to the Show this weekend and do not park on the roof of Pier 92 on Saturday or Sunday.



All Show Management staff park off site at the 57th Street Garage, which has entrances on 56th Street and 57th Street, just off 12th Avenue, only one block north of Pier 94. It’s a close and convenient option. OR try Worthy Parking – 55th Street at 10th Avenue – a little further but coupon rate of $20 12 hours for cars & minivans—coupon on back.